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When we taste for new wines there is usually one or two grapes we aren’t looking for; then when we taste them we have to have them. This wine did just that, we weren’t looking for a Sauv Blanc or Chard, but it is just way too good! Classically crisp and clean with bright citrus tones from the Sauv Blanc that also lends a faint grassy tone. The Chard expresses hints of minerality and apple tones with faint floral accents that balance the bright citrus so well. This wine is like a glass of summer, so refreshing, so crisp, so fun... all your cares will melt away, it’s as lovely as a day at a high-mountain lake, but no need for the ankle-rolling hike or mosquitoes...just pull the cork and you’re there.

France- Cheverny
Varietal; Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay

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