Blackwater Omerta Carignan

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The brainchild of Francois Haasbroek, not much Carignan is grown in South Africa, making it even more special! The really fun part, he is sworn to secrecy as far as where the grapes come from, hints the name “Omerta” the Mafia term for “code of silence.” The wine is rich and smooth, a balancing act between acidity and earthy tannins. The wine spends 25 days on the skin and 16 months in large, old barrels, giving us a lovely rustic balance, mellowed tannins, and umami tones that really let dark fruits and red berry notes burst through! So, what are you waiting for? Take a bottle home, pull the cork, and enjoy!

Varietal- Carignan

Origin- South Africa, Swartland

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