James Rahn Pinot Meunier

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James makes some absolutely outlandish (read absolutely amazing and delicious) wines, often from varietals we know, but in a style that is so different and so glorious! In this case it’s a grape we drink often from Champagne but don’t see on it’s own very much… and all from the Rainsong Vineyard in Oregon. His Pinot Meunier is soft, fruit forward, juicy and lovely but has underlying notes of savory, mineral crunch, earthy highlights, and touches of spice that accent what we so lovingly describe as “screaming overtones of red Brach’s jelly beans!” It’s tart, fresh, balanced and delicious and leaving us wanting another glass, then another glass, then another bottle! Do yourself a favor, pull the cork, kick back, and enjoy!

Varietal- Pinot Meunier

Origin- Oregon, Willamette Valley

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