La Grapperie " La Désirée"

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La Grapperie was founded by farmer Renaud Guettier, everything is done sustainably and with minimal intervention…and the wines are delicious! You can either thank Renaud or the horses that do the work in the vineyards. The “La Désirée” is an almost maddeningly delicious Loire white, the 40 to 100 year old vines give fruit of uncompromising depth and quality. Bright citrus and classic, chalky mineral drive dole out everything we love in these wines, years of aging in used oak give us layers, a real soul to the wine. There’s an herbal, earthy, floral undertone, a touch of grapefruit pith, and just a hint of French funk thanks to the unapologetic, unfiltered approach to the wine.

Varietal- Chenin Blanc

Origin- France, Loire

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