Wine is traditionally  organized by grape or country but it can be intimidating and confusing for consumers.  Why have zinfandel so far away from its Italian cousin, primitivo?   This method is easy for the retailer but doesn't give the customer any clue as to what to expect from the wine and its quite possible that you  will be disappointed and nobody  wants that.   

We try to work around that by organizing our store like a progressive wine listby style.  One thing I learned years ago is that like our lives, every sip of wine is a living, breathing moment that you will never get back.  And so like us, wine has a personalitya style.  You may have experienced the intensity of a big Washington cabernet; the soft elegance of a velvety French Burgundy; and the opulent, buttery richness of a California Chardonnay.  So Why not just call them what they are?  Everybody has had experiences with these styles of wine...all very different from each other; and here in our store, each one of them is represented by strikingly feminine 1940s "bombshell" style portraits.

Admittedly, this style of organization can be  challenging for the person who walks in and says, "where are your malbecs."  But go on.  Let loose.  Think.  And get in touch with your inner wine style.