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This is an absolutely crazy, in a great way, blend of native varietals farmed above and beyond biodynamically in the north of Lazio! About 70 percent of this blend is Procanico, the rest being made up of Malvasia, Roscetto, Pedino, Romanesco, and Ansonica. From vineyards young and old, this warm vintage drives lovely depth to balance freshness! Two weeks of skin contact border this wine on orange, it has a lovely amber color and sees no filtering or fining! It’s complex, layered, and energetic with notes of ripe citrus and dried citrus zest that are accented with notes of smoke and spice. Fine tannins and a long, mineral finish really come together after spending a year aging in big old casks.

Varietals - Procanico & other whites

Origin - Italy, Lazio

Le Coste Bianco

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