About us

We taste thousands of bottles of wine every year and only about 20% make it into our store.  We make a special effort to make sure the wines we carry are the best they can be in any given price point.  We deal mostly with families and not corporations and we buy wines that are grown, not fabricated.  We try to help you find something you’re really going to like without depending on point systems that are paid for by the magazines.  Are we psyched when we find out that a wine we like ranks high with the mags?  Sure.  But when wines we’ve been jazzed about for months start showing up in wine publications… we know it’s time to move on to the next thing.


Colleen Helm, Certified Sommelier, Certified Specialist of Wine, Italian Wine Professional

Colleen is the owner of Vino per Tutti and she spends her time making sure we have the best wine we can offer in any price range.  There is just about nothing she won’t do for you to make sure your experience is stellar.

Jeremiah Dawson

Jeremiah has an AS in Culinary Arts, a BS in Food Service Management and double minors in Resort and Food and Beverage Management.  He grew up cooking with his grandma which inspired him to go to culinary school where he discovered his passion for wine, beer and food pairings.  Prior to coming to Vino per Tutti, he spend twelve years working in high end restaurants, clubs and resorts around the country which allowed him to hone his skills and foster his love for libations.




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