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Ermes Pavese "Blanc de Morgex" 2019

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UPC: 811644010733

Ermes Pavese is a youthful grower in the high Alps, just a stones throw from Mont Blanc. His vineyards are so isolated he is lucky enough to be able to work with Prié Blanc on the original root stock because Phylloxera never made it’s way into the area…which means we are lucky enough to drink from these incredible vines! It’s cool that this grape is native to the Italian Alps, and slightly disappointing that it’s found nowhere else in the world! The wine is thirst-quenching, austere, racy, and mineral-driven. Notes of citrus blossom, lemon, and mountain herbs mingle with a crushed stone minerality. The perfect Après Ski wine, really it’s the perfect Après any adventure wine!! Ermes only makes 1,000 cases of this wine!

Varietals - Prie Blanc

Origin - Italy, Vallée d’Aoste

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