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Pulpe Fiction Muscadet

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Yum, just YUM! The label is fun, the wine is delicious, and it's imported by a company called Bobo Selections... you know you're in for some fresh fun. From certified organic, 60-year-old vines, everything is done by hand, the wine is neither filtered nor fined and spends 10 months aging in concrete. As to be expected with Melon de Bourgogne (not a Burgundy grape) this wine is briny, crisp, and so clean. It's so textural, so soulful, so simple, and so easy. Extended time on lees adds a subtle complexity and touch of sparkle, The wine is full of bright fruits like nectarine and zesty green apple. Lovely crisp minerality.

Varietals - Melon de Bourgogne

Origin - France, Muscadet Sevre et Maine

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