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We strive to be Bozeman's go-to, friendly local shop for everyone; the area's leaders in fun and knowledge of all things wine, beer, sake and cider.


Our Mission:

We honor the people and the stories behind every wine, beer, sake and cider we carry. We proudly offer our knowledge and experience to ensure a fun and perfect pairing for every one, every day, every occasion, and every budget.

Our Values:

Our people from vineyard to bottle shop, the stories and souls of our products, our community and our planet, a drive to share knowledge, passion, and fun.


Our Ethos:

We practice being good people every day. We care about our customers, our window shoppers, and four legged friends because you are who keep our world spinning. Wine for everybody means every race, gender, age, religion, and identity.


Meet Jeremiah

Jeremiah holds a AS in Culinary Arts and a BS in Food Service Management from Johnson and Wales University in Denver, CO.


His experience working in high end restaurants, private clubs, and resorts around the country paired with his passion for learning has helped to build his extensive wine knowledge.


His Approach to Wine

Jeremiah’s love of connection through food and wine allows him to understand customer’s needs and find them something truly spectacular that fits the bill in any price range.

Wine should be for everyone, after all.


You can find him drinking:

Bubbles of all kinds

Rose all day

Some nerdy Italian wine

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