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Cantina Giardino was born as a joint venture between six friends who aimed to preserve old vineyards & native Southern varietals in Irpinia, a mountainous town in the heart of Campania. Now run by Antonio and Daniela De Gruttola, they champion and preserve the region’s native varietals, old vines and an age old way of tending them. The wine spent just a couple of days on skins before being pressed off to chestnut casks for a year. Made from spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts, no fining or filtered and bottled without added sulfur- it is clean and bright, yet complex, with impeccable balance and notes of orange peel and smoked honey.

Varietals- Coda di Volpe

Origin- Italy, Campania

Cantina Giardino Coda di Volpe "Paski"

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