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Cantina Giardino is run by Antonio and Daniela De Gruttola, who seek out and buy up old vines of native varieties in the area. When old estates don’t get passed on to younger generations, they’re often sold off to commercial buyers, who almost always uproot the vines and replace them with young imported alternatives, so the couple is preserving the heritage of the local varietals.


These guys are old school Italian- doing everything by hand with no additions, temperature control, or added yeasts. Their Aglianico comes from vines nearly 80 years old grown around 500m, maintaining excellent freshness in this complex wine. The nose is complex and slightly savory. Aged in chestnut barrels, the structured body we’d expect still remains, making this a lovely option to pair with some hearty food. Perfumed with spicy fruit, wild herbs & plenty of old vine complexity.


Varietals - Aglianico

Origin - Italy, Campania

Cantina Giardino "Le fole"

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