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Domaine Maestracci is nestled high in the foothills of Monte Grossu in the granite plateau of Reginu. This area has been used for olive and vine production for centuries. Long a family affair, Camille-Anaïs is now at the helm, of the estate and has been working towards biodynamic certification. The whites are bottled young to maintain freshness and a vivid sense of place. This white, the E Prove, is 100% Vermentinu, also known as Vermentino on the mainland. The wine has an extra edge of complexity, a mineral verve and a citrus drive that balances touches of fresh wild herbs and a saline sea breeze minerality with touches of stone fruits. One glass is like sitting a top the hills of the island on a warm spring day watching the waves roll in.


Varietals - Vermentinu

Origin - France, Corse Calvi


Maestracci e Prove Blanc

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