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UPC: 7610268003588


This is a really delightful wine, downright delicious, so refreshing, so classically Swiss! A custom cuvée for the importer, the Chasselas is coming from specific sites along the upper Rhône river to really capture and show off the pure minerality and refreshing qualities of the grapes. Friendly and thirst-quenching, perfect after a long day of hiking, snowshoeing, or any other adventure, it’s pure heaven when put with a bit of alpine cheese!! The wine really shines with alpine minerality and bright, lively citrus tones, touches of spring meadow flowers, and a kiss of juicy stone fruits. The name L’Alpage refers the mountain meadows where the famed Swiss dairy cows spend the day grazing in the summer…having a glass of this wine will surely transport you to one of those stunningly beautiful meadows!


Varietals - Chasselas


Origin - Switzerland, La Cote

Provins "L'Alpage" Chasselas

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