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A dynamic family wine, a husband and wife duo product this lovely little red from fruit that comes from the family vineyard. This is the first year they’ve made this wine, the first year their recently planted Gamay vines have yielded yummy fruit, and we’re so glad they started making it! They say this wine “eschews tradition in favor of simple pleasures. In pursuit of the unknown. A burst of satisfaction. Life gone wild.” So bright, fresh, and lively! Crunchy red fruits meet tart bing cherry, lively pomegranate, and a touch of white pepper! They only made 92 cases of this wine, so grab at least a few bottles, chill them down, and dive on into a delightful glass of wine!

Varietals- Pinot Noir, Gamay

Origin- Oregon, Yamhill-Carlton

Suzor Infinite Emotions

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