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Brooks "Red Letter" Pinot Noir 2008

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Red-Letter is any day of special significance, an anniversary, a special occasion, a celebration. This wine celebrates the 10 year anniversary of Brooks and the full life of their founder, Jimi Brooks. He was a MOG-driving environmentalist, a sensitive brut bully, a cunning linguist, a gluttonous chef gourmand, a contagious spirit whose reams were his blueprints to impose his will on the world.

A stunning wine, a biodynamic powerhouse showing its age oh so incredibly well! Broad red fruits centered on cherry mingle with spice, and earth, hints of mint and minerality and a faintly savory finish. It's energetic and expressive with a delicacy that comes with age.

Varietal- Pinot Noir

Oregon- Willamette Valley

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