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Fruktstereo "Daft Frukt"

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UPC: 7350101302149

Daft Frukt is a fun take on a “House blend”. After racking every cuvee during the season the leftover lees and sediment are kept, and blended together in big fermentation tanks. The lees and sediments settle for up to several months, and do a final racking, to separate the clear juice from the leftover lees.

Daft Frukt is a fun and easy to drink cuvee, with high acidity and lots of fruitiness. This Sparkling fruit wine (pét-nat) made of 50% apples, 40% pears, 8% solaris grapes and 2% quince.The fruit is a mix off all our available orchards and the surplus produce we get from local growers, including Haväng and Magnus Nilssons Axelstorp.

Origin - Austria

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