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Horsepower "The Tribe Vineyard" Syrah 2014

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From Christophe Baron, the founder of Horsepower and Cayuse, this is a stunning wine with deep roots. From a family that worked vineyards with draft horses, Christophe carries that tradition on in this vineyard, working only by horse. Five draft horses cultivate The Tribe Vineyard, a 3 acre Syrah with about 3000 vines.

The self-nourishing interrelationship of earth, plants and animals have been central to vigneron Christophe Baron’s farming philosophy ever since he pioneered biodynamic farming in the Walla Walla Valley in 2002.

Horsepower is farmed according to an astrological sowing and planting calendar, and entirely without the use of herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, chemical insecticides or fungicides.

Juicy, fresh, but structured notes of blueberry and black cherry balance notes of violet, rose petal, pepper, and earth. It is full, robust, but elegant.

Varietals- Syrah

Origin- Washington, Walla Walla

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