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Mouton Noir "O.P.P." Pinot Gris

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UPC: 858902004165

A lovely, true to form Oregon white, there’s no way to not fall in love with this one. If you aren’t familiar with André Hueston Mack or his wines, look him up, we love what he does! They tell us they are excited to introduce their “best take yet on Pinot Noirs favorite moutation: The 2019 Other People’s Pinot Gris is like Juggling Apples, Pears and Peaches while dancing to Pharell’s ‘Happy’- enthralling, upbeat, fresh and deluxe.” We couldn’t say it better, it is so dang delicious and refreshing, crack it open, pour a glass, and see for yourself!

Varietal- Pinot Gris

Origin- Oregon, Willamette Valley

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