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Thorne & Daughters "Rocking Horse" Cape White

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UPC: 781718502672

Yeah, just listing the grapes in this blend is tiring…but the wine is really tasty and exciting! The wine takes its name from a rocking horse the winemakers made for their daughters from old oak barrels, so cute. The grapes are hand harvested and fermented separately by native yeasts in old oak casks. All that adds up to make a wine that is both fine and rich, layered and so intriguing, and brimming with notes of lime leaf, acacia wood notes, an oyster shell like chalky minerality, and hint of rosemary. All the wild edge and stunning beauty of South Africa and the Cape of Good Hope shine through this wine!

Varietals- Roussane, Chenin Blanc, Semillon, Clairette Blanc, Chardonnay

Origin- South Africa, Western Cape

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